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Perth hostels - A complete home package for backpackers

Backpacker hostel

Perth is the largest and capital city of Western Australia of the Australian state. It was founded by Captain James in 1829 as the administrative center of the Swan River Colony. It’s the most isolated capital city of over 1,000,000 people in the world. Perth is laid back, quiet and safe.

The City has a temperate Mediterranean type climate. On the other words, it's the pearl of Australia's west coast as well as a great backpacking destination but is not cheap.

The best way to save money while backpacking and exploring Perth city is by staying in hostels in Perth. The benefits include

  • Lower the cost of lodging
  • Provide access to freebies
  • Lead to finding paid backpacker-work  

Backpacker Hostels in Perth can be listed as ‘the best’only if itprovides numerous ranges of facilities and provisions to the backpackers, guests or tourists. Jotting down some of the hostels' facilities below

  • A receptionist who is working 24 x 7 hours per day, ample parking for guests, fully functioning air conditioning and heating units
  • Restaurants, lounges, free breakfast, TV rooms, meeting rooms, and bars,
  • Daily newspapers, free Wi-Fi Internet, fire and smoke alarms and access to elevators.

Some of the other available services which are not always found everywhere in hostels in Perth include babysitting services, direct dialing telephone, non-smoking areas, gym rooms and swimming pool. Facilities for the disabled, allow for pets at an extra charge and even make a hairdryer and laundry services available to use.

Cheap Perth hostels are quite the competitive nature of the costs. One should always seek for a nearby location as well as transportation modes that can help you to get to a different place of travel before selecting the Hostels in Perth. All this redounds to the benefit of the visitors who can avail themselves of excellent accommodations at affordable prices.

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